Online and Personal Counselling for Women

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  • Pregnancy

  • Trying to conceive

  • Abortion

  • Miscarriage

  • Difficult Children

  • Family Problems

  • Relationship Problems

I am a trained psychotherapist and music therapist and I have the gift of being able to sense people’s energy fields.
My work is a combination of counselling and energy healing. In each session you will not only talk about your problems and churn them over and over again. When you book a session with me, I will also work on your energetic field to establish balance, remove blockages and bring you into a state of flow and peace. You will receive information about your energetic blockages and issues, as well as healing and balancing on the energetic level. Furthermore you will get tools on how to improve and heal your very own situation through the counselling process.

On a mental level you talk about your situation, your concerns, your issues – and I show you a new perspective from the point of view of the energetic world.

This changes your point of view, your thoughts and your feelings about it. You will gain a deeper understanding of the situation you are in. Especially when you are trying to conceive a child, had a miscarriage or abortion.

I can offer you a single counselling session or I can accompany you emotionally, mentally, spiritually in whatever phase you find yourself in your life.

And don’t forget…always be kind to yourself!


Any issue you want to talk about…
it will be shifted mentally and energetically


Do you have relationship issues and don’t know where to turn?


Do you experience difficulties with any family member?


Do you have a difficult child at home and don’t know what to do?


Have you tried to conceive a child?
Are you physically healthy and it hasn’t happen yet?


Do you experience difficulties in your pregnancy?


Have you had a miscarriage and would like to heal emotionally?


Have you had an abortion?
Would you like to heal emotionally?

of online counselling

  • You can stay at home

  • Great privacy for sensitive women’s topics

  • Getting help no matter where you are

  • Perfect solution if you have no childcare

  • You save a lot of time

  • You save yourself travel costs

  • Great possibility if you are experiencing mobility difficulties

  • Ideal if you are experiencing social anxiety or agoraphobia

Online Counselling via SKYPE, Telephone or Whatsapp

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Or come for a personal session

At the moment it is not possible to have a personal session –
please get in touch via phone or email.

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What women say about the sessions…

Many women benefit from their sessions with me over the past 10 years…

I got pregnant 5 weeks later!

After connecting to the baby soul and realizing what needs to be done to be able to conceive, I was pregnant 5 weeks later!

Marie, 35

Healing abortion…

I was full of guilt and shame and all sorts of other feelings after having an abortion. After only one session I felt transformed and at peace! Thanks!

Daniela, 26

Easy birth

After the traumatic birth of my first child I was very scared of the second birth. I was overdue and I booked a session. Blockages in my energy field were removed, I felt emotionally supported. I had a very easy birth the very next morning.

Monika, 34

Now I know what to do…

After being in a difficult situation within my relationship I was confused about the next step. I felt very much supported over a couple of months and gained a lot of clarity. Especially the combination of energy healing and talking made a huge difference. Because thinking about the situation and mulling it over and over again didn’t bring a shift. But this combination worked!

Elisa, 27