I look forward to hearing from you.

My practice is located in 2 countries.

I am based in Vienna, Austria and in Birr, Ireland.

Personal sessions or remote sessions online/whatsapp/skype are possible.

My clients come from all over Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and USA.

Due to the possibility to do energy work from a distance, a personal session is not necessary. Every woman can choose whether she talks to me with or without video. This allows a certain distance and many women can open up much more about sensitive topics without being seen. They can be in their own familiar atmosphere, make themselves comfortable and at the same time feel a profound change in the issues that burden them.

It is important to me to support women in the best possible way. I always work with my best intention that all that happens is in the highest good.

If you feel you can’t afford it please talk to me and we can make arrangements.

You can contact me via email or phone:

+353 86 155 4345