Family Problems

We all live in family structures, that are sometimes challenging. We try to make things better through reading books, changing our communication and therapy.

To look at a family problem from an energetic point of view could bring some insights. To change something on the energetic level is often the key to make real changes.


„A woman came to me to talk about her 3 year old daughter. She was very jealous of the new baby and wetted the bed regularly. I looked at the girls energy field and gave her a few exercises to try out on her daughter. Soon the girl calmed down and daily life got much easier.“


Family structures can’t be changed overnight. First you have to understand your own feelings and thoughts and then be open to an active process of change, where you have to take your part in it. Taking responsibility and self-reflection plays a vital role in changing family structures.

I can help you also on the energetic level through cleansing and strengthening your energy field.

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