Elisabeth, 25 years old

I was pregnant when I came to Bee. I had difficulties with the beginning of the birth. There were little contractions again and again, but it didn’t really start. Attempts at initiation were unsuccessful and I was about to have a caesarean section.

With only one session I managed to have a normal birth. Bee strengthened me energetically and I was again full of courage and hope. I am so happy with my little son!

Tanja, 23 years old

Some time ago, I suffered a miscarriage. I was so sad and felt the subject was not closed. So I decided to go to Bee. The session was wonderful! I could talk to the soul of my baby, it told me why it was going and afterwards there was such peace, joy and love in me! It was a wonderful experience! Now I feel that I am free and open to something new. Thank you Bee!

Edith, 37 years old

I had two miscarriages in a year, and I was psychologically exhausted. I felt very alone and was looking for special help. When I researched the internet I came across Bee and her website immediately appealed to me. After only one session I felt very at peace with the miscarriages. I understand it now and I can close it well.

Daniela, 38 years old

I was over the appointment with my second kid. The birth of my first child was difficult and took a long time. I was afraid. Bee made contact with my baby’s soul and it told her what it needed. She was working with my 2nd chakra and suddenly I felt as if a dam was opening in my pelvis and it was getting all warm. The baby’s soul also answered my question about the impact the presence of a new baby would have on my older son.

The next day I had contractions and after 2 hours the birth was over! It was easy and fast and I was very happy. A few weeks later the atmosphere at our home was the same as the baby soul had said.