There are so many different reasons why you could have a miscarriage.

Physically, this can often not be explained satisfactorily.

And a woman mourns, it burdens her, she wonders why it happened to her. No matter in which week, it can be emotionally very traumatic. And yet there is hardly any talk about it. Often these feelings are simply buried and never processed.

But it would be so easy to process it! I can see whether a baby soul is still hanging in the field or whether it has moved on peacefully. Entanglements can be dissolved and the woman feels free again.


„I accompanied a woman for some time and knew her energy field very well. It was always shifted and each time I brought her back into a balanced state. When she got pregnant, I saw that her field was so confused and inharmonic that I was amazed. Normally a pregnant woman’s field looked different. After a few weeks she had a miscarriage and when I worked with her again afterwards the field was suddenly clear and pure. The baby soul agreed to cleanse and harmonize her field once and for all. Her field remained constantly harmonious afterwards“.


There are many different experiences. Our souls chooses a physical body to make these experiences. There are wonderful and painful experiences. In the end we experience the world the way we think. Because if you consider that a miscarriage might have been a beneficial experience, this is a completely different point of view.

Many baby souls choose the experience of „experiencing the womb for a few months and then moving on“. Without drama. But most of the time we want to be pregnant, want a child, attach our expectations to the growing baby and do not see the true reason for its existence. For us a miscarriage means pain and parting…also from our own wishes…or sometimes we are also secretly happy about it, if the timing is not right…but maybe also guilt feeling arise if there are feelings of spontaneous relief.

A miscarriage can bring a whole range of feelings with it, depending on the situation the woman is in.

In one session I can see what was going on energetically during the miscarriage and this feedback is a very healing experience. The woman can find a good ending.

Did you have a miscarriage and want to come at peace with it?