Abortion / Pregnancy Termination


Abortion is an emotionally difficult subject. For whatever reason an abortion is considered, it is never an easy decision. And with most women „a little black cloud“ remains in their consciousness. Many women feel guilty after an abortion. The physical intervention can also cause a problem.

Only few women take the step of abortion lightly. And yet there is still a lot of pressure, guilt, hiding, silence, shame around the subject.

All this weighs on the shoulders of the women.


„A woman contacts me about having children and we start a session. I feel a black solid something in the upper right corner of her energy field. I felt like it was casting a shadow over her. I spoke to her and she burst into tears. She had been trying to get pregnant for a long time, but it didn’t work. After I had seen the energy field this was no wonder. So we began to talk to the Something. It was an „old“ baby soul that she had aborted a few years ago. She was trapped in her field. She told me that she had agreed with the child at that time, she will give birth to it, but at a later time. Since then, the baby’s soul has been imprisoned. She could neither go forwards nor backwards. We released her from her fate and when she noticed that she was allowed to move on, she became happy and left the woman’s field with much love. She also felt free and full of joy that the soul was now well. And now she was also open for a new pregnancy.
Because only when the soul is free to flow, can it come again, if it wants to“.


It is important to let go of old things, otherwise nothing new can come into being.

It is important to solve guilt and heal the past!

If you know and feel that the baby soul has found its peace, you will also find it!

In only one session most women feel a noticeable relief!

When you are ready, get in touch.