Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy can induce different feelings. Some feel like in heaven, others are depressed, or just feel sick and uncomfortable.

In a pregnancy a lot is happening on the physical, hormonal level as well as on the energetical level. Every growing child brings its own story, its own field. Therefor every pregnancy is different, every birth unique. The child is choosing the way it being born into this world.

Having a cesearean is a different energy than a spontaneous birth. The child needs exactly that energy which it chooses for its birth. So in case you are worrying, don’t because all is well.


„A woman came to me shortly before giving birth and she talked about her fears, that it might be like the first birth – with a lot of complications. During the session I saw that the enrgy in her belly was blocked. I was not surprised about the complications during her first birth with this kind of energy field. I released the blockage and the child was born within 2 hours the next morning.


„A woman contacted me, because she was pregnant and her boyfriend had left her. She was very anxious that her emotional condition was influencing her growing baby in a negative way. I connected with her energy field and saw that the baby was very happy and full of joy and love for this mother – not touched in any case by the unhappiness and grief of the mother.

The baby soul knew, everything was well. The woman was very happy afterwards and had a great pregnancy.“


I balance the field of my client as best as possible at that moment in time she comes to me.

If there is a pregnancy, I am extra careful because there are 2 energetic systems in one.

To change hardened energy patterns more sessions might be needed.

I always work with the best intention for the highest good of everyone involved.

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