Trying to conceive & energy healing

What role does energy healing play in trying to conceive?

Of course, there are physical factors that indicate the impossibility of getting pregnant. These factors should be clarified with medical tests in any case.

A silent sexually transmitted disease could also be a reason.

„Even if you have not had sex with a new partner for years, if you have fertility problems, you should have your doctor check you for STDs to rule them out. So-called „silent“ sexually transmitted diseases can settle unnoticed in your body for years without you noticing it and affect your fertility.

The two most important are chlamydia and gonorrhoea. They occur frequently, often unnoticed, and can lead to inflammatory diseases of the pelvic floor. This doubles the risk of infertility. The U.S. Department of Health found that chlamydia and gonorrhea were the most common diseases in the U.S. last year. In Europe, the trend is also rising. Many infected women do not notice any symptoms.“

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Are the man’s sperm good, mobile and reproductive?

Do the woman’s fallopian tubes produce mature fertile eggs?

If there is a YES to both questions, and the desire to have children is still not fulfilled, then energy healing and counselling can help very well. Then it is due to energetic / emotional blockages with the mother or the father or the baby soul itself. You are welcome to contact me and I will take a look at your energy field and your situation.

Why don’t I get pregnant?

Women who contact me are often very frustrated, have tried everything on the physical level and no longer know what to do.

I understand this frustration and despair and support you with all my love and together we try and bring light into the darkness.

I am not a fortune teller and unfortunately cannot conjure up a baby. But I can make contact with the energetic world and can help to release energetic and emotional blockages.
In the end it is an interplay of several levels.

The physical body of woman and man plays a role.

Did you know that you can influence the quality of eggs and sperm?

Also the energy field of mum and dad. How is the interaction in the relationship? Which energetic relationship patterns take place so that an energetic interweaving of the baby soul is possible?

I can energetically purify, balance and stabilize the partner field. It would be an advantage if Dad would also allow energy work, but often this is not possible. That is why I work at least on the partner field.

Often it is the baby soul itself!

Baby souls are beings who want to incarnate. The soul often chooses the parents long before. It waits for the best time of incarnation. That depends on many different factors. For example, the external circumstances, the astrological influences, it’s own life task, the emotional topics it brings along, possible entanglements.

If you allow the possibility of reincarnation to exist in your belief system, then there are possible causes and entanglements from that side as well.

Emotional blockages

Sometimes a woman can have emotional blockages or issues from the past that influence her energy field. It could be secrets in a relationship, traumatic experiences, or difficulties within the relationship.

Also the man can have issues and can be the reason why a woman can’t get pregnant.

One time a woman came to me, desperately to get pregnant, and when I logged into the partner energy field I could see a lost baby soul in his field. I asked her about it and she didn’t know what that meant. I was working with the baby soul to release it and she was talking to him about it. Her partner had an abortion with a previous partner and obviously that hasn’t been healed and it was a secret in the new relationship. After communicating about it, the situation was healed and she was soon after pregnant.

A woman came to me with a big desire to have children. I connected with her energy field and checked if there was a baby soul. Yes and the baby soul told me she would love to come, but not to this father. That was a difficult situation. I asked carefully what the relationship was like. The woman said, well, only the father didn’t really want a child and only agreed because of her. Then it was no wonder that getting pregnant did not work out. We talked about the situation and I worked energetically with her to find a solution.

A woman came to me trying to conceive. I connected with the energetic world and a baby soul spoke to me: „Stop smoking“ she said. Nothing else. I purified the woman’s energy field and when I spoke to her later, I carefully asked if she was smoking. She said no. But her partner smoked a lot. I told her what the baby soul had said. She discussed it with her partner. A few months later she was pregnant.

A woman booked a session to discuss her unfulfilled wish to have a child. She didn’t tell much and so we soon started the session. I perceived a heaviness over her heart. I worked with it and it could not really be solved. Then I called her and we continued to work together. I told her that I would get the picture that she didn’t know what she wanted. The heart was burdened with a cloud and did not know in which direction it should go. The woman said that information hit the nail on the head, because she couldn’t decide. We worked on it in just one session and she felt so much better. In the end she knew which way she wanted to go.

„And, have you read this now?
That it’s not always your fault for not getting pregnant ?

I hope you have read it.

There are sooo many factors!

And now you can lie back and relax.

And then we’ll see.“

How can I help you now?

In my experience, several levels have to be taken in consideration.

The physical body, the energetic body and the emotional body.

Depending on your needs and also what you have tried already we first start with one session. This will take between 1 and 3 hours.

You can decide after if you would like to book individual sessions, or a set of sessions.

It may be that you live far away from my practice in Austria or Ireland and still would like to book a session.

I work with most clients via skype or whatsapp.

I want you to feel comfortable. That’s why you can book an individual session first to see if it’s the right thing for you.

Please contact me if you have any further questions. * or call +353 86 1554345