Women’s issues

In a woman’s life there are many issues she has to deal with.

  • Work

  • Paying bills

  • Managing children

  • Nurturing relationship

  • Keeping the household together

  • Shopping, feeding, cooking, washing, cleaning, organising, driving…

  • …and taking care of the dog

  • …and some women have nearly all that but are trying to conceive

  • …and some women carry wounds with them of a miscarriage

  • …and some women are suffering silently from an abortion

Do you find yourself in this list?

What if your list is extended with that:

  • Finding time for yourself

  • Getting into alignment to be able to conceive

  • Healing your inner pain – of miscarriage / abortion

  • Find your alignment and inner joy

  • Doing something fun – let your inner child play

  • Taking care of yourself

  • Loving yourself

Women Counselling & Energy Healing

The most important thing: You are not alone!

In each session you will receive practical guidance.

Exercises & meditations extra made for you.

From my own experience I know that the soul of a child often makes contact with the future mother and/or father long before conception. This happens in different ways. They can be felt energetically, they can communicate with us in dreams, or they can give us direct messages in everyday life. Often we intuitively know their names they want to have. Baby souls often accompany us for years before they incarnate into their physical form. It is very touching to contact and communicate with these souls. It often happens within the sessions.

If you wish to have a child it is not happening, the physical situation must first be clarified. If it is physically possible to become pregnant and the desire to have children does not occur, there may be a blockage on another level.

The energy field (meridians, chakras, aura) can be blocked.

There are several reasons why conception does not work immediately.
It may be that the child simply wants to choose the date of birth and therefore you try to get pregnant for months and it does not work.
It may be that earlier lives have an effect on today’s life and there are entanglements between the baby’s soul and the mamma’s soul. Experience has shown that in this case several sessions are needed before emotional issues from previous lives have changed energetically and physically before conception is possible.
It may be that there is no baby soul in the aura because a child was not intended in this incarnation. Nevertheless, one can invite a baby soul to one if there is a desire for pregnancy.
As a mother, you may have energetic blockages in your pelvis and therefore a baby soul cannot nest. Then you would first have to „clean your mommy“ and then a conception could possibly take place.

There are many reasons – if you have an unfulfilled wish to have a child, it is best to make an appointment and we will see what the reason is for you.

Babies can communicate with us during pregnancy particularly well telepathically. They often send me pictures of the emotional / energetic state of the family after the birth, or they tell me exactly what they need.

If difficulties occur during regnancy this is often related to blockages caused by two bodies being weaved together. Or because of fears, concepts or family circumstances. Such blockages can be solved and the rest of the pregnancy can be harmonious.

It may be that the baby is overdue.
Or the baby does not want to turn around and a caesarean section is pending. If a blockage is associated with this, the baby may turn after one or more energetic treatments. But be aware of the fact that the baby chooses the way to come into this world. That means it might want to have a ceasarean if it doesn’t turn. Don’t worry, because then this is the best way to be born into this life for that baby soul.

There’s no guilt. Whatever the reason for abortion, the emotional and physical trauma associated with it is looked at in my sessions and through presence it can be at peace. Most of the time the soul of the child speaks up and sends a message to the mother. A mutual letting go and forgiveness is necessary so that the baby soul and the mother can continue their journey in peace.

Miscarriage is often a painful topic. You don’t understand why it happened. It is as if a part of yourself dies. Usually the soul of the child makes contact with the mother in a session. This is experienced as very comforting and healing.
In any case one can solve the trauma with energy work and the system can bring itself again into a harmonious state. Of course, the mother must also be ready to let go and let the trauma heal. Mourning is important and if this is not yet over, then you may need a few sessions to heal it. Every woman feels for herself what she needs and you are free to decide when and how often you come to me.

Every relationship consists of several layers.

Mental Level
Emotional Level
Physical Level
Spiritual Level
Energetic Level

If a person is unhappy, it is vital to look at all levels and see where to start changing/accepting/healing/loving.

We all strive to be happy – especially in a relationship and if we find ourselves dried out and unhappy, we have to reflect on these levels to understand what to do next.

I also log into the partner energy field and see what is going on on an energetic level.
Different exercises will help to make a shift in the relationship.

Difficult children often cause parents a lot of grief. 

Whatever the situation is, the energy field of a child can be cleansed, can be strengthened and worked with without the child knowing about it.

Of course only with the consent of the parent.

Also a child can be given techniques to deal with different issues.

Family can be a challenging place and can press all sorts of buttons within us to freak out, to feel pain, jealousy, anger and other „uncomfortable“ feelings.

When I work with you, you will understand family patterns, release emotional issues, find a good way to deal with everything you are facing.